Even though many hours were spent designing and testing the Tackoma system there is still a lot to learn about how it works. Over the coming months, we will be compiling tips and tricks on this page to maximize the performance of your Tackoma system.

Paper Holding

Tackoma was designed to hold paper quickly and efficiently. However, to keep Tackoma simple and compact, it utilizes the mounting wall to hold paper and each mounting wall will act differently based various factors (paint, smoothness, roughness, flatness, etc.).

If you have trouble inserting or removing paper into the holder here are a few tips:

  1. Pull paper toward you (not down) to remove - The flange jams much less often when the paper is pulled toward your body.
  2. Shimmy the paper - The thinner the paper,  the harder it can be to be inserted into the flange. One method is to shimmy the paper paper back and forth when inserting or removing from the flange 
  3. Make sure the flange is not jammed - On occasion, the flange can pull down and jam against the wall, especially with non-smooth materials. To reset the flange insert a stiff, thick paper or card int the flange to push it back to it's normal position. The instructions bookmark that was included in the box can do this or even a credit card.