Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Tackoma?

A: Tackoma is tool to help you create better. Simply mount the Tackoma channel to a wall using the supplied double sided tape to transform your wall into functional creative space. Hold paper, display a picture on a shelf, or hang something from a hook - create just the right functionality for your needs.

Q: Can Tackoma be cut to different lengths?

A: Absolutely. The Tackoma channel can be cut to any length using a hand saw or power saw. The flexible cover can be cut using a saw or by using a sharp utility knife. For a clean, flush edge a power saw is recommended. 

Q: Where can I get replacement tape or extra tape?

A: Tape is available for purchase at the online store. For optimal performance, tape should be .045" thick and 1/2" wide. You may purchase mounting tape from online retailers or at a local store such as Target however they typically are 1" wide rolls which will have to be cut down to 1/2" wide. Here are some examples:


Q: What type of screws are recommended?

A: Included in the kit are #6 x 1-1/2" screws. 

Q: How do I remove the Tackoma channel from the wall?

A: We have specifically selected a high strength tape to ensure maximum performance and staying power. Because of this it makes removing of the channel from a wall particularly hard. However, we believe that with patience and a little elbow grease, the Tackoma channel can be removed from any wall without damaging the wall. We have been successful using dental floss to "saw" the tape from the wall. As necessary, you may use Goo Gone (be sure to test an inconspicuous spot on your wall to ensure it doesn't remove the paint) to help dissolve the tape adhesive. If you take your time and do not force the removal, you can successfully remove the channel from the wall without any damage.

Goo Gone.jpg